Youth Flag Football

FlagFootball4Fun is the flag football youth sports organization of the Frisco, Texas area. With over 900 players, we are the largest kids’ flag football league in the region.

The Importance of Youth Sports Programs Youth Sports

The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and Rutgers University are among the thousands of sources that prove that youth sports are important to children’s success in school and in their careers. Teamwork, success, fitness, and respect for others are all part of what children learn by playing youth sports.

Youth Flag Football

Flag football is a non-contact version of American football. The rules are very similar to the rules of NCAA Football, NFL football, and youth tackle football. The most important change is that there is no tackling. This can prevent the head injuries and other concerns that many parents have.

Flag Football Games

FlagFootball4Fun provides a tournament style league for children ages 5-15 to play in. Each teams has coaches, uniforms, and practice together.

We emphasize team play, personal confidence, and physical fitness. Every game is refereed by trained refs to ensure fairness.

The most important element FlagFootball4Fun’s football league is FUN.

Flag Football Camps

The Frisco area flag football league also offers football camps that teach strategy, tactics, and a team play mentality. Our football camps are taught by dedicated coaches, many of whom have coached high school, college, and professional football. Whether your child only plays flag football or they also play tackle football, FlagFootball4Fun football camps are ideal for learning and fun.

Flag Football Cheerleading

For children who would prefer to build excitement for the game than to play in it, FlagFootball4Fun has a cheerleading program that is open to everyone. Learning to cheer, dance, and have huge amounts of laughter, flag football cheerleaders have just as much excitement, fitness, and teamwork as the players on the field.

Flag Football Fun

Flag football is exciting and fun! That is the most important part for each of our athletes. They are here to enjoy themselves and make new friends. Without the risk of injury that exist in many other youth sports, children and parents are able to relax and enjoy the game.

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