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Youth Sports Programs and a Lifetime of TeamworkYouth Sports

Unless we become a hermit on the top of a mountain, and there are very few job openings for this career, everything we do involves teams. At work, we are always part of a team, sometimes a team that is spread all over the world. At home, we are major players in the most important team in our young world. Later, our marriage replaces our parents as our most important team. Our friendships, adult teams, even when we play golf, everything we do involves teams.

The social benefits of youth sports are many, from less drug use to less pregnancy.

Learning teamwork in youth sports

According to an article posted in the Department of Health and Human Services website, the social benefits from kids’ sports are huge.

“A study published in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reported that out of 14,000 high school athletes, the ones who regularly played sports were less likely to use drugs. Likewise, a survey performed by the National Household Survey of Drug Abuse showed that students who played sports were less likely to have smoked cigarettes or used drugs and were more likely to disapprove of others using them. Also, the Women’s Sports Foundation has stated that female high school athletes are 80% less likely to become pregnant than non-athletes.” – DHHS website, accessed 8/11/2015

Affordable & Fun Skill-Based Youth Sport Programs youth sports

Flagfootball4fun youth sports programs are committed to providing a safe, fun and skill-based experience for kids between the ages of 4 and 14. We are a national youth sports company with local flag leagues, football camps and cheerleading in over 25 communities.

Social Skills for Children

Sports, particularly by those who do not participate in them, seem to be a source of conflict and anger. Any incidents like that come from misguided adults. Children who spend a lifetime in a healthy sports environment are more confident, better able to resist peer pressure, and value their health much more than their peers.

FlagFootball4Fun and Teamwork

There are ten players on the field, a coach, assistant coaches, and a dozen or so players on the bench at a flag football game. Every one of them is a team member and every one of them has something important to contribute. Children learn to value everyone on the team are less likely to commit crimes and more likely to choose the right side of a conflict.

Learning to Lose as a Team

With everything built on a team, from our marriage to our nation to the entire planet, learning teamwork makes us all better citizens. We learn the value of everybody on the team and treat them accordingly.

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