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The Physical Benefits of Sports Programs for Kids

There is always a great deal made of the injuries that children can suffer playing sports. Head injury in football, leg injuries in soccer, and torn muscles in wrestling are always making headlines.

What the Doctor SaysYouth Sports

What is always a lot quieter is the health benefits of sports programs for kids. According to the Department of Health and Human Services website:

“As orthopedic surgeons, we are all too familiar with injuries that can occur in sports. But the benefits far outweigh the potential for injury.” – DHHS website, accessed 8/11/2015

Kids Sports and Strong Bodies

Throughout a child’s life, they can reap the benefits of strong and healthy foundation that is built when they are young. A powerful cardiovascular system that can be built when a child is very young can save their lives years later.

According the DHHS article, athletes have lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. They also have stronger lung function. The effects of this exercise can last a lifetime.

Then there is the big O: childhood obesity. This is the number one threat to our youth. There is even some talk that the upcoming generations will not live as long as their parents for the first time in history! Teams sports for children can keep our kids fit, instead sitting in front of video games. This could potentially give these next generations much longer lives.

Affordable & Fun Skill-Based Youth Sport Programs youth sports

Flagfootball4fun youth sports programs are committed to providing a safe, fun and skill-based experience for kids between the ages of 4 and 14. We are a national youth sports company with local flag leagues, football camps and cheerleading in over 25 communities.

The Health Benefits of Flag Football and Cheerleading

At FlagFootball4Fun, we understand this, so we do everything we can to reduce the risk of injury and increase the health benefits of our flag football and cheerleading camps and games.

Our flag football teams are coached by experienced coaches, many of whom have professional and college-level experience. Their commitment to helping our kids get in great shape is even bigger than their commitment to having a good time.

Our cheerleaders are taught to stretch, run, and get in great shape, just like the football teams. The physical strength it takes to cheer through an entire game is the same or greater than it does to play football the whole time. And our cheerleaders have to do it with a smile!

The importance of physical exercise for children can’t be overstated. The risks of injury in flag football are significantly lower than in tackle football and many other sports.

FlagFootball4Fun and Texas Football

Our children learn to play football and to play together. More importantly, they learn to stay in great shape and feel better. At FlagFootball4Fun, we are committed to our children’s physical health, now and for the rest of their lives.

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