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General League Information: Kids Flag Football

Q. Can you tell me about your company? How long has your company been around? What do you do?
A. We offer flag football leagues and tournaments for kids ages 5 to 16.  Founded in 2005, we have grown from one location with 100 kids to six locations serving nearly 5000 families. During this time, we have run over 4000 games, so we know flag football.  Our programs are affiliated with the NFL Flag Football progran. We are the official flag football operator for AAU and hosted the annual 5 on 5 Flag Football National Championships in July 2011.

Q. Who can play?
A. Boys and girls age 5 through 15.  No experience is required.

Q. How long is the season?
A. Eight weeks, which includes tournament-style playoffs for all teams.

Q.How long are games?
A. About a hour each. Each team will play one game each week. Game times will vary each week.

Q. How much playing time can my child expect?
A. All of our programs promote participation, fun, and fundamentals. Coaches are required to play each player at least half the game.


Registration Questions:

Q. How do I register?
A. You may register online or now by phone. We accept all major credit cards.

Q. What do I get for my registration fee?
A. A full regular season, extended playoffs, use of well groomed fields, certified officials, official team jersey, flag belt, participation awards, interactive website, organized administration, and a lot of fun for you and your child!  We don’t require any additional donations, so your registration fee is your entire cost for the season.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. We will provide refunds upon request prior to the registration deadline.  Because we have to pay our expenses in advance (e.g. insurance, field fees, officials fees, jerseys, etc), we offer no refunds after this date.

Q. Do you offer scholarships or payment plans?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Do you offer multi-player, sibling, or coaching discounts?
A. Not at this time.


Equipment and Awards Questions:

Q. What equipment do I need to play?

A. We provide jerseys, fields, officials, balls, etc.  All you need are shorts or pants (with no pockets or belt loops), shoes, and a mouthpiece.  Shoes should be sneakers or non-metal cleats (soccer or football cleats are best).

Q. Does the league supply uniforms?
A. Yes, every player will receive an official team jersey and a flag belt. You only need to supply shorts/pants, shoes, and a mouth guard.

Q. What types of awards are given?
A. Each player will receive an individual participation trophy.  Teams that finish first or second in the playoff also receive a team trophy for this achievement.

Q. Do all flag football players need mouth pieces?
A. Yes, it is mandatory that all players wear a mouth piece before stepping on the field. You will be required to purchase league issued mouthpieces at the field for a reasonable price of $6 for two.

Team Assignment Questions:

Q. How are players assigned to teams?
A. Players are organized into divisions by age. If a player has a special request, such as playing with a certain coach or friend, we try to honor this request.  Other factors that affect team placement are where the player lives and experience level. Please note: No player can play on two different teams in the same age division. Players are allowed to play on multiple teams in different age divisions they are age eligible to participate. Player must register and pay for each age division to participate.

Q. Do teams get their own team website with the registrations?
A. Yes, we will give each team their very own team website that will have the team schedule on it. The coach will be able to add information on their team website that pertains to the team. The league director will go over all details about the team websites.

Q. Do you accept team registrations?
A. Yes, we accept team registrations.   Let us know when you want to set up a team, and we will enter it in our system. Your players can then select that team when they register. You can check the status of your roster any time using your online account.

Q. Can you request to play with a specific friend or coach?
A. Yes, when you register.  We see this request when we assign teams.

Q. How many players are on a team?
A. Although there is some variation, teams generally have from 8 and 11 players.

Q. When are teams formed?
A. Teams will be formed about two weeks after registration ends. Once we form teams, we will send out an email letting you know you can login to your account to see which team your child is on. You will be able to view all contact information for the coach and also see the names of all the players on the team.

Q. When/where do practices start?
A. Once teams are formed, the coach will decide when/where the team will practice each week and will let the team know.  In most cases, the teams will practice once per week, an hour before game time.  The first practice will take place the week of the first game.


Coaches and Officials Questions:

Q. Where do you get your coaches?

A. They are all volunteers and almost all have a child playing in the league.  Most have football experience, but our primary emphasis is on getting people who will serve as good examples and teachers.  We invite parents to volunteer to coach when registering their child; coaching flag football does not take much time and is a very rewarding experience.

Q. Do your coaches undergo a background check?

A. Yes, we conduct a criminal background check on coaching applicants.

Q. Who are the officials and what are their qualifications?
A. We use high school athletic association officials to officiate our games. These are the same guys who you will find officiating local high school, middle school and Frisco Football league tackle games. Each official is trained, licensed, insured, and certified through the state. They are very good at what they do and will call a fair game for both sides.

Rules and Game Format Questions:

Q. What are the rules?
A. You can find the complete rule book on the web site, under the “Rulebooks” tab.

Q. What is the format?
A. Play is 5 versus 5 with no linemen.  Field size is 70 by 30 yards.

Q. What are the age groups?
A. 6 & Under, 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14 & Under, 16 & Under

Q. What date do you use to determine league age?
A. September 1st of the current year that the season starts. Meaning that your child’s age on September 1st determines which age division they will play in. For example, a child with a birth date of September 3rd, 2005 will have a league age of 10 (his/her age on September 1st, 2016). A child with a birth date of August 20th, 2004 will have a league age of 12.

Q. What are the Game Day Ball Sizes?

League Division 6 under 8 under 10 under 12 under 14under 15-16 under
Game Ball Size WilsonK-2 WilsonK-2 Option  K-2 or Wilson TDJ Wilson TDJ Wilson TDY Wilson TDY

Q. Are there playoffs?
A. Yes. All teams will play in the end-of-season playoffs.  Playoff seeding will be determined by the league standings at the end of the regular season.

Q. Do I need a birth certificate to play?

A. We require no birth certificate to register and play.  However, any coach has the option of requesting proof of birth date for any player.  Upon request, this proof must be provided to the league office within one week of notification.

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