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Academic Benefits of Children’s Sports Programs Youth Sports

Much is made of the physical benefits of children’s sports, especially competitive team sports. One of the areas that scientists and doctors are just beginning to understand is the mental and academic benefits of sports.

The Department of Health and Human Services on Children’s Sports

Studies performed among students in multiple states – including Wyoming, Iowa, and Colorado – have shown that playing sports can actually increase success in the classroom. Various data demonstrate that athletes have higher grade point averages, higher standardized test scores, better attendance, lower dropout rates, and a better chance of going to college.” – DHHS website, accessed 8/11/2015

Handling Competitive Situations

One of the aspects of sports that doesn’t get a great deal of attention is learning to handle competitive situations. Knowing what it feels like to win and understanding how to handle losing can have a huge effect on students.

Attendance in college is competitive at the best schools. There are a finite number of slots and many more students applying. For a student-athlete who wants to get into Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, or almost any other private college, they have to compete. Children’s sports programs can teach children to estimate their competition and figure out ways to win.

Affordable & Fun Skill-Based Youth Sport Programs youth sports

Flagfootball4fun youth sports programs are committed to providing a safe, fun and skill-based experience for kids between the ages of 4 and 14. We are a national youth sports company with local flag leagues, football camps and cheerleading in over 25 communities.

Learning Self-Discipline in Kid’s Sports

Getting to practice on time, exercising even when someone isn’t looking, choosing the right food, and even getting enough sleeps can all be learned from sports.

Staying in School and Succeeding

Here are the statistics that make teams sports an important part of child’s education:

(1) By a 2-to-1 ratio, boys who participate in sports do better in school do not drop out and have a better chance to get through college.

(2) The ratio for girls who participate in sports and do well in school is 3-to-1.

(3) About 92 percent of sports participants do not use drugs.

(4) School athletes are more self-assured.

(5) Sports participants take average and above average classes.

(6) Sports participants receive above average grades and do above average on skills tests.

– Skip Dane, Hardiness Research, Casper, Wyoming, 1991


Girls’ Sports and Success

At FlagFootball4Fun, we are gender blind. We want every child to succeed. Girls who participate in sports are almost guaranteed to be more successful than girls who don’t.

Success in School and Sports

Children who participate in sports have higher grade point averages, are significantly less likely to do drugs, and far more likely to succeed pater in life.

We are committed to our student-athletes’ success. All of our programs, the flag football league and the cheerleading and flag football camps, are designed to be school-friendly. There is no point in getting all of this benefit if a sport is going to cause conflict with school hours and needs.

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